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Guide to Serving Fruits for 6-Month Babies

Early in life, babies only get nutritional intake from breast milk or breast milk. However, at the age of 6 months, babies begin to need complementary foods to meet their nutritional intake. Aside from vegetables, fruit can also be a nutrient-rich choice for 6-month babies. At the age of six months, the baby can begin to support his own head, adjust the movement of his tongue, and began to be interested in food. These signs usually indicate that the baby is ready to receive food other than breast milk. When choosing fruit as a solid, to present it so it is suitable for a 6 month baby. The Right Choice of Fruit as a Complementary Food for Mother's Milk As the digestive tract develops, babies 6-8 months of age can generally be given soft-textured food, such as baby-filter porridge. You can make your own baby porridge or use packaged baby porridge sold in supermarkets. If you choose to make your own complementary foods, you can refine the fruit into baby porridge to meet the nut
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It's a Fact Small Children Drink Black Coffee and Other Caffeinated Beverages

For adults, drinking black coffee that contains caffeine is a common thing, even a habit. But, what if black coffee is consumed by young children? Check out the facts of drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks in children through the following description. You may often hear the myth that giving black coffee can help maintain children's health. But before giving coffee or other caffeinated drinks, first consider the following facts. Facts about Little Children Drinking Black Coffee Black coffee, tea, chocolate, and certain soft drinks contain a substance called caffeine. These substances can affect the body's metabolism, stimulate the central nervous system, increase concentration, make more alert and awake, and provide additional energy. Although it has many benefits, in young children, coffee and other caffeinated drinks can have adverse effects, because children's body responses to caffeine are different from adults. The following are facts of consumption of

How to Maintain Intimate Husband and Welfare

After marriage, a husband and wife must maintain emotional relations and intimacy so that the bond of marriage remains romantic. There are many things you can do ranging from saying the words of love often, to keeping your partner passionate in bed. For couples who are delaying pregnancy, do not let this disturb the desired intimacy. There are a variety of contraceptives that can be used, including emergency contraception, which can support family planning. Various Ways That Can Be Done Efforts to maintain intimacy and emotional bond with a partner, can be done in various ways. Starting from simple things, such as saying the word love, hear the complaints of couples, giving a touch of love for each other, to praise the strengths of couples. Here are some ways that couples can do to stay romantic, without worrying about being "broken": Have a romantic date Take time to date with your partner on a Saturday night or other available time. No need to go to expensive r